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Simple aari work design Photo Gallery

Simple aari work designs

Aari work blouse hand design is very popular these days among women of all ages. Many of the actresses also have interest in beautiful and simple aari work designs. They look very beautiful and they are also very comfortable to wear on any occasion. This article is presented to you to tell you about the latest and most beautiful simple aari work designs which you can try anywhere and anytime.

10 amazing types of Simple aari work designs

Below are the 10 amazing types of design which you can have on your fabric to give a very eye catching look on the events.

1.    Simple aari work design for blouse

Aari blouses are the traditional fashion and they are designed on South Asian blouses. It has a great demand in India and also outside of Indian regions. You can get aari blouse fashion in any color including red, orange, green and others. They are trending around the world and you can see many people wearing it.

2.    Emerald green simple aari work design with pink combination

Green shows a color that has powerful emotions. Many of the people love to wear green outfits as they suit many people. This green color can be worn in the daytime because this bright color will brighten your day as well. Pair it with other colors also including pink, blue, red and yellow. Emerald green simple aari work design will go unique with pink combination.

3.    Water lily design

Water lily patterns on simple aari work design are very sensational. It also gives a very vibrant look at the same time. This dress can be worn at the wedding reception and even on a small occasion and it no doubt gives a very eye-catching look. As you know water lilies come in pink and white color so these colors will look great on this simple aari work design.

4.    Aureate aari work blouse hand design

While wearing an orange and green saree and not knowing which blouse will match perfectly then don’t worry. Go for the gold colored simple aari work design hand blouse. This color will give a very stunning look and will match your personality. As you know, gold is a very good color and gives a royal vibe. If you want to get noticed, then go for the golden color.

5.    Aari work silk blouse design

Silk blouse is one of the best choices by Indian women and they can easily maintain it and stay comfortable. This silk blouse simple aari work design is very demanding these days because of its beautiful design and patterns and it gives a traditional touch. You can pair this with any color combination.

6.    Coral simple aari work design

Coral color is a very outgoing design and this has always drawn attention to others. This design is a sign of warmth, joy and expression. You can combine any simple aari work design with this coral design to give a more enchanting look.

7.    Scarlet cherry simple aari work design

As you know many of the ladies are obsessed with cherry red color. This is one of the bright colors which amazes people and it always presents you differently among others. When it comes to the outfit, this color always wins hearts.

8.    Heavy sleeves work aari design

It is one of the brand new fashions for women that is heavily designed and also very attractive. You have to wear this design with other accessories to give it a more enchanting look. This design looks very cool and amazing for women of all ages. Whether it is a party or a big occasion this design will slay you all day.

9.    Peacock simple aari work design

Blue color shows the peacock color. We can say that the one who is fond of peacock color gives a very attractive look. This is one of the artistic approaches and stands out very impressively. You can pair this up with blue, dark gray or pink contrast to make it look super unique.

10. White simple aari work design

What color is a sign of purity and calm. This color can match with any other color in contrast and it just gives a very amazing look. Combining your outfits with these simple aari work designs will amaze you and the people at the event will inspire you.

Materials and tools needed for simple aari work design

As everything needs tools for something to come into being. In the same way simple aari work design needs tools to create a look which are as follows:

1.    Aari needle

Firstly, there is a need for a needle which is a thin, pointed needle and has a hook at the end from where you can cross the thread. This is used to create the stitches from where you can pull a wire or thread across the cloth.

2.    Piece of cloth to work on

Choose a fabric for your project. Silk, cotton and satin are used for aari work and it looks amazing on it.

3.    Thread

Simple aari work design needs a thread or wire of any type that includes metallic thread, silk thread or zari. You can choose the thread according to your needs.

4.    Frame

There is a need for an embroidery frame so that the fabric stays in one place while working on it.

5.    Tracing paper and a threader

Start with the design you want on your fabric. Trace the design onto your fabric while using tracing paper. Also have a needle threader to work with fine threads.


Aari works in one of the most amazing forms of embroidery and it catches people’s attention. Starting with simple aari work is one of the best ways to build your skills. You can design it on your own as well and you can give it to experts to make one for you. Above are the 10 amazing types of design which you can have on your fabric to give a very eye-catching look on the events.

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