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Why are Mehndi designs for Eid so popular?


Eid is one of the special occasions for Muslims from all over the world. At the end of Ramadan Muslims and on 10 Zill Hajj Muslim celebrate their eid. For them this eid is s time of joy, happiness, gathering and many more. The thing they present on eid id mehndi. It shows traditional importance and significance during that period. Applying beautiful mehndi designs is part of their traditions.

Popularity of mehndi designs for Eid

Traditional mehndi designs present the heritage and culture. These include the mehndi designs that have peacocks, lotus, flowers and other patterns that are inspired by nature. These eid mehndi designs are very well and a popular choice for mehndi lovers. At the start mehndi was started in simple circular designs but then there were many other stylish mehndi designs to attract the mehndi lovers.

Mehndi is an important ornament on Eid for Muslim girls

Mehndi is one of the parts of rituals and celebrations mostly in south Asian countries. Mehndi designs for Eid are a symbol of happiness, festivity, joy and happy beginnings. Henna is one of the important ornaments when celebrating festivals such as Eid. Having mehndi on eid shows spiritual thoughts, purification of hearts, prosperity and blessing. It helps in bringing joy as well.

Types of mehndi design for eid

There are many types of mehndi designs that you can have on your hands and feet on Eid. While choosing from these designs you will look unique among everyone and you will love it as well.

1.    Pakistani mehndi design for Eid

Pakistani design has designs that include floral patterns, amazing geometric shapes that help in creating appealing unique look. Pakistani mehndi design shows the face of both Arabic and Indian designs. It has beautiful detailed patterns that cover both feet, arms and hands.

2.    Popular Indian designs

Indian eid designs are very attractive and highly artistic. Indian mehndi designs show a modern look and it also has a traditional look. They show lotus flowers, peacocks, elephants and other many symbols that give a cultural look.

3.    Finger mehndi design for Eid

Mehndi on the fingers looks very attractive and unique. These look so attractive when they are simply designed. This mehndi design is designed by using other mehndi designs and combining them together to make beautiful art on fingers. 

When this design is made it gives a very modish look which grabs attention. The best thing about this design is that this design makes the finger look longer and longer and beautiful.

4.    Moroccan mehndi design for Eid

Moroccan mehndi designs for eid are very well known for its patterns and for its cuts. After having this mehndi on hands, it gives a very unique and attractive look. They have geometric shapes and other decent patterns to give it an enhancing look.

5.    Keri mehndi design for Eid

One of the trendiest and most modern designs is known as the mango-shaped design which we call a Keri design as well. A Mehndi lover goes anytime with this design without thinking twice. They never get bored with this design. These Keri’s can be drawn both small and big and give it a very glamorous look

6.    Feet mehndi design for Eid

Feet mehndi designs are included in the best mehndi designs list. Feet mehndi gives one of the satisfying feelings to the people who are obsessed with feet mehndi. When putting mehndi on feet make sure to also put nail paint to give the more enhancing look. The skin that is above the feet gives a more attractive look. Feet designs include dots, flower patterns, and much more.

7.    Arabic mehndi design for Eid

There are many Arabic simple mehndi designs that a girl can wear on Eid and they are very beautiful and simple. This design is spread out on palms and it includes dots design more. It also contains designs such as leaves, vines, flowers, birds and other designs. 

Young girls don’t want to put mehndi on their whole hand, they love Arabic mehndi because it has decent work. It is dried very quickly because it includes different shades in it.

8.    Flowers mehndi design for eid including roses and lotus

This is one of the designs that adds a very modern touch to the entire mehndi. Flowers design is loved by many girls of every age on Eid. This mehndi can be done on both the front and the back side and there are many lotuses designed on the palms which gives a unique look.

Another rose design has a very decent look and it has a big fan club. This also has swirls on the fingers to give it the best look. Wear it with other accessories such as rings and bracelets to give it a charming look. You just have to know how to make roses and then you are the champion of it.

Mehndi application techniques

The process of applying mehndi is very easy if you have practiced enough. Make a paste from crushed henna leaves or buy readymade mehndi from shops. Make sure that your skin is ready for mehndi and free from oil or lotion.

After applying mehndi be sure to be patient until it gets dry. Avoid it from water for at least a few hours so that the stain gets dark. After the mehndi get dried clean it safely and apply oil to make it long lasting.


Mehndi design for eid is a part of eid celebration and gives a traditional vibe. It has designs from flower patterns to feet patterns. This eid mehndi not only shows the cultural heritage but it also unites the communities during this time. 

You can also say that it is the reflection of self-expression, happiness, representing culture and celebration. Mehndi’s designs have gained popularity and have been admired by people a lot. These mehndi designs have added a great charm to all kinds of mehndi designs for eid and helps girls look unique in the crowd with unique mehndi.


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