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Popularity of aesthetic mehndi design

Mehndi is not just a ritual today

Mehndi’s role has reached new heights and it has become more than a ritual today. Women now have stories of their life detailed on their hands. Bridals also today are going with aesthetic mehndi design with images of bride and groom made on their hands. There are many aesthetic mehndi designs options that include Indian designs, Pakistani designs, Arabic designs, and many more.

All types of aesthetic mehndi designs

Today there are a variety of mehndi designs evolving but you don’t have to worry. We have compiled below the list of aesthetic mehndi designs that you can opt according to your preference.

1.    Arabic aesthetic mehndi design

This is one of the easiest and simplest mehndi designs and looks very beautiful when it is put on. This design is spread out on palms and it includes dots design more. It also contains designs such as leaves, vines, flowers, birds and other designs. 

It is dried very quickly because it includes different shades in it. After drying it gives a look in various colors including semi dark yellow, orange, black, maroon because of its shading techniques and it gives a very aesthetic look.

2.    Traditional aesthetic mehndi design

Traditional mehndi designs are a part of historical and cultural sign. This type of design includes patterns that include leaves, peacock, motifs and flowers. This is the type of design which reflects the heritage and tradition of the groom and bride. This mehndi can be put on the bride’s hand and feet and it shows the pattern of their culture.

3.    Pakistani aesthetic mehndi design

Pakistani mehndi design shows the face of both Arabic and Indian designs. It has beautiful detailed patterns that cover both feet, arms and hands. Pakistani design has designs that include aesthetic floral patterns, amazing geometric shapes that help in creating appealing aesthetic look.

4.    Indian aesthetic mehndi designs

Indian mehndi designs show 2 things, one if modern look and other it also has a traditional look. They show lotus flowers, peacocks, elephants and other many symbols that give a cultural look. India is famous for bridal mehndi as it covers the whole hand and feet of the brides.

5.    Feet aesthetic mehndi designs

Feet mehndi designs are included in the best mehndi designs list. Feet mehndi gives one of the satisfying feelings to the people who are obsessed with feet mehndi. When putting mehndi on feet make sure to also put nail paint to give the more enhancing look. The skin that is above the feet gives a more attractive look. Feet designs include dots, flower patterns, and much more.

Tips for putting on aesthetic mehndi designs

Below are the tips to get the aesthetic mehndi design done on your hands to get a unique look while going on an occasion.

·        Search for the best aesthetic design

Mehndi lovers should browse the social media and take out the best looks for them so that they could show it to their artist to get them done.

·        Go for the best artist

Make sure that you go for the best artist so that you can have the design you want with clear cuts. Before choosing the artist check their samples to ensure that they can put on the design you want.

·        Prepare your skin

Make sure that your skin is free from oils and clean enough so that mehndi can be applied easily. This helps the mehndi to paste better.

·        Communicate the idea with artist

Discuss the idea with the artist and tell them clearly the design you want. Also define the cuts clearly and the size you want.

·        Take care of the mehndi

Follow the instructions that are provided to you by the artist. Keep the mehndi for hours until it gets dry. By this you will get the color according to your need and then put it off with care.

Aesthetic mehndi design popularity

Today in the world of social media aesthetic mehndi designs have played a great role and have been very popular in today’s world. Below are the ways where aesthetic mehndi designs have been very popular in today’s world:

1.    Destination mehndi in destination weddings

Aesthetes mehndi designs have been expanded a lot these days. Apart from culture many of the people are adding mehndi into their every celebration. Destination mehndi in destination weddings are playing a great role and are making the event the most memorable one.

2.    Popular because of social media

Social media is spreading everywhere these days. Platforms such as tik tok, Pinterest, google or insta, everywhere aesthetic mehndi designs are showcasing their work. There are 1000s of styles posted on social media from where you can choose your favorite one.

3.    Self-expression

For many people mehndi is the form of self-expression. Many of the lovers choose mehndi designs so that they could convey their message to others. This aesthetic design is simply a meaning of creative expression for people.  

4.    Popular because of celebrities

aesthetic mehndi design is now very popular because of celebrities as well. They are favoring these designs and showing them off in their shoots, at red carpets and in other events. These all acts are bringing these designs into life. This hype has contributed and made people accept the mehndi as the body art. Because of this, many of the fan following of celebrities have also started loving aesthetic mehndi designs.


If you are getting ready for any special occasion or just want a touch of elegance, then esthetic Mehndi design is the best option for you. Make sure to apply organic mehndi which is a chemical to avoid any kind of disease.

Every henna design plays a very important role and aesthetic mehndi designs rule the hearts of girls who love mehndi. Mehndi’s designs have gained popularity and have been admired by people a lot. These mehndi designs have added a great charm to all kinds of mehndi designs and these have always added glam to the look.


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