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Types And Varieties Of Simple Mehndi Designs

Simple mehndi design

Mehndi is also called henna. It is the type of art made on the body that has been a trend for centuries in many cultures all over the world. It is not only the decoration form but it also holds much significance in many cultures mainly in North Africa, the Middle East and in South Asia.

This art has the pasting application that is made from crushed mehndi leaves to create a design on the body skin. In this article, we will be exploring the whole world of mehndi designs. There are many mehndi options that include Indian designs, Pakistani designs, Arabic designs, and many more.


Mehndi cultural importance

Mehndi has been one of the most trending these days and it has been popular in many cultures. Its cultural importance is as follows:

1.    Festivals

Henna is one of the important ornaments when celebrating festivals that include Eid, Diwali, Krva Chauth, and many more. Many people apply mehndi on hand as the symbol of happiness.

2.    Important ornament in weddings

Mehndi plays a very important role in South Asian culture. The bride’s hands and feet are full of mehndi which is the form of prosperity, bond, and love between husband and wife.

3.    Healing property

In many cultures, henna plays a vital role in healing methods. People use it to reduce stress and to get relief from headaches.

Types of Simple Mehndi Designs

There are a variety of mehndi designs and girls put on mehndi according to their preferences and desires. Let’s explore the types of simple mehndi designs that you can choose from while putting on mehndi:

1.    Finger mehndi

Mehndi on the fingers looks very attractive and unique. These look so attractive when they are simply designed. This mehndi design is designed by using other mehndi designs and combining them together to make beautiful art on fingers. When this design is made it gives a very modish look which grabs attention. The best thing about this design is that this design makes the finger look longer and longer and beautiful.

2.    Heavy simple Mehndi design

This type of Mehndi design is loved by many. Heavy simple, mehndi design is the type of design where there is a combination of simple and heavy cuts such as flowers, birds, leaves, and other cuts. This design is simple in nature and can beat other Mehndi designs.

3.    Different colors mehndi design

Simple mehndi designs can be put on hand with types of colors that include white, and black colors as well. This type of mehndi is very easy to put on and they use shading techniques of different colors including dark orange, maroon, etc.

4.    Feet simple mehndi design

Feet mehndi designs are included in the best mehndi designs list. Feet mehndi gives one of the satisfying feelings to the people who are obsessed with feet mehndi. When putting mehndi on feet make sure to also put nail paint to give the more enhancing look. The skin that is above the feet gives a more attractive look. Feet designs include dots, flower patterns, and much more.

5.    Keri and cuts mehndi design

One of the trendiest and most modern designs is known as the mango-shaped design which we call a Keri design as well. A Mehndi lover goes anytime with this design without thinking twice. They never get bored with this design. These Keri’s can be drawn both small and big and give it a very glamorous look.

6.    Roses Mehndi design

Another easiest design includes roses and leaves. This rose design has a very decent look and it has a big fan club. This also has swirls on the fingers to give it the best look. Wear it with other accessories such as rings and bracelets to give it a charming look. You just have to know how to make roses and then you are the champion of it.

7.    Arabic simple mehndi design

There are many Arabic simple mehndi designs that a girl can wear and they are very beautiful and simple. This contains floral patterns and many other different designs to give it a more enchanting look. There are many more designs you can try under Arabic designs. Young girls don’t want to put mehndi on their whole hand, they love Arabic mehndi because it has decent work.

8.    Lotus mehndi design

This is one of the designs that adds a very modern touch to the entire mehndi. Flowers design is loved by many girls of every age. This mehndi can be done on both the front and the back side and there are many lotuses designed on the palms which gives a unique look.

Tips to make sure that your henna stays long

As you have applied a simple mehndi design on your hand, then you must follow the tips to ensure that these last long:

1.    Moisturize

Apply the olive oil or coconut oil so that your mehndi stays vibrant and moisturized.

2.    Avoid chlorine

Make sure to avoid chlorine as this chlorine water bleaches the mehndi and makes the color extremely light. You must avoid swimming when you have put on a mehndi.

3.    Avoid washing much

The best tip to save mehndi color is to avoid using water much because it fades the design quickly which is sometimes irritating.

4.    Save from sunlight

You should make sure to save the mehndi from sunlight as it causes mehndi to fade. Use sunscreens to cover the design when you are out. 


Every henna design plays a very important role and simple mehndi designs rule the hearts of girls who love mehndi. Mehndi’s designs have gained popularity and have been admired by people a lot. Simple mehndi design has added a great charm to all kinds of mehndi designs and these have always added glam to the look.

If you are getting ready for any special occasion or just want a touch of elegance, then simple Mehndi designs are the best options for you. Make sure to apply organic mehndi which is chemical to avoid any kind of disease.


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