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Charming Simplicity: Beautiful Simple Mehndi Design Photos

Simple mehndi design photo

Mehndi is also known as henna and it is one of the best practices from many cultures. It is not only the beauty design but it also shows many symbolic and cultural importance. While all the mehndi designs are very amazing, in the same way Simple mehndi design photo is the charm. In this article we will be exploring simple mehndi designs and it’s all information. All types of mehndi designs show the timeless and good appeal of mehndi art.


An honored tradition

It is not only the decoration form but it also holds many significance in many cultures mainly in north Africa, middle east and in South Asia. Mehndi plays a very important role in South Asian culture as the bride’s hand and feet are full of mehndi which is the form of prosperity, bond and love between husband and wife.

Simple mehndi – Traditional elegance

Traditional mehndi designs present the heritage and culture. These include the mehndi designs that have peacocks, lotus, flowers and other patterns that are inspired by nature. These a Simple mehndi design photos are very well and a popular choice for brides for their occasions.

Mehndi embraces the beauty of minimalism

Simple mehndi designs are about minimalist beauty. This kind of design includes the basic shapes and simple patterns. They are best for those who prefer stylish looks. This type of mehndi design is loved by many. Heavy simple, mehndi design is the type of design where there is the combination of simple and heavy cuts such as flowers, birds, leaves and other cuts. This design is simple in nature and can beat other mehndi designs.

Arabic touch in the mehndi is trending today

There are many Arabic simple mehndi designs that a girl can wear and they are very beautiful and simple. This contains floral patterns and many other different designs to give it a more enchanting look. 

There are many more designs you can try under Arabic designs. Young girls don’t want to put mehndi on their whole hand, they love Arabic mehndi because it has decent work. No doubt Simple mehndi design photos in Arabic style are gaining worldwide popularity.

Mehndi is a part of celebrations and occasion

Mehndi is one of the parts of rituals and celebrations mostly in south Asian countries. Simple mehndi design photo is a symbol of happiness, festivity, joy and happy beginnings. Henna is one of the important ornaments when celebrating festivals that includes Eid, Diwali, and many more. No matter which festival it is, people are enjoying mehndi on every occasion whether it’s a small event or a big one.

 Form of self-expression

Mehndi is not at all limited to any occasion. People can apply mehndi without any event as well for themselves. Many of the people choose mehndi to convey their beliefs, their personality and showing off their love for mehndi. You can say it is a canvas for personal creativity as well.

How can a mehndi be applied?

Mehndi is an art itself. The process involves first preparing the mehndi paste. Create amazing designs. You can also copy Simple mehndi design photo. From these photos you can choose the best and decent design such as Karis, birds, flowers, anything. 

After putting on the mehndi, wait for the stains to develop. It just needs skills so that you can get lasting results and beautiful design on you hand. The best tip to save mehndi color is to avoid using water much because it fades the design quickly and which is sometimes irritating.

Tricks and tips for mehndi lovers

For those who loves mehndi and want simple mehndi design photo on their hand then they must follow below tips and trick to get started:

  1. Make sure to use high quality and fresh henna for the good results
  2. Practice on paper first before applying on the skin.
  3. Start with the easy patterns and then move towards the complicated one
  4. Make sure you to balance your designs with shades and all
  5. You can experiment simple mehndi design photos with different mehndi cones for showing off thickness of few cuts
  6. Allow mehndi to dry naturally and avoid using water much because it fades the design quickly.
  7. Care for your mehndi by applying balm or oil so that you can keep it vibrant.

The artistry of simple mehndi designs

  • Mehndi on the fingers looks very attractive and unique. These look so attractive when they are simply designed. Simple mehndi design photos can be put on hand with types of colors that include white, black colors as well.
  •  One of the trendiest and modern designs is known as the mango shaped design that we call a Keri design as well. A mehndi lover goes anytime with this design without thinking twice. They never get bored with this design. These Keri’s can be drawn both small and big and give it a very glamorous look.
  • This is one of the designs that adds a very modern touch to the entire mehndi. Flowers design is loved by many girls of every age. This mehndi can be done on both front and on the back side and there are many lotuses designed on the palms which gives a unique look.
  • Feet mehndi designs are included in the best mehndi designs list. Feet mehndi gives one of the satisfying feelings to the people who are obsessed with feet mehndi.
  • Roses design has a very decent look and it has a big fan club. This also has swirls on fingers to give it the best look. Wear it with other accessories such rings and bracelets to give it a charming look.


The world of simple mehndi design photos is very capturing and it is filled with creativity and traditions. These designs have taken us on the journey of beauty, Arabic touch, motifs and others. Mehndi is the source of joy and happiness for many people. You can also say that it is the reflection of self-expression, happiness, representing culture and celebration. 

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