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Trending baju ke design for everyone to try on



There are many different things and ideas that come together to create the best look. To maintain fashion there are a lot of things that are necessary as you need to mix the colors, fit the accessories and other makeup styling. Not only these, what matters most is the sleeves patterns and the neckline styles as well to give an overall and best output.

Baju ke design – traditional fashion

Sleeve designs are also called baju ke design and this is one of the traditional fashions of Indian people. This is that kind of fashion design that totally makes or breaks the look. There are many type of baju ke design and it can be styled to give a modern look. The designs vary according to sleeves type, size and many more. Many of the suits have elegant sleeves styles which also enhances the personality.

Longer sleeves designs are being very popular these days and they make more sense in winters. If you are looking for something new and fashionable then you have come to the right place. We are here to present for you all types of unique baju ke design that you will love most and will definitely try them.

Latest baju ke design

There are many designs and fashions that are constantly changing or conquering the world. There are many designs that are rising new and many of the old trends are also coming back in fashion. If you don’t know about the latest designs of the sleeves, then below are top trending designs which you must according to your preference.

  • 3 quarter sleeves with dori and button

The 3 quarter baju ke design looks so pretty when they are worn. You can wear these sleeves with kurtis, blouses or even suit sleeves. If you are looking for a new fashion look and also a comfortable one, then these sleeves are best for you. You can add dori and buttons to it to give it a more unique look. This type of baju ke design can go with every age of women and gives a hot look.

  • Oversized flare baju ke design

Want to look unique in society? Then go for the flare design which gives a very glam look. Best design for party wear and also for gatherings. The way to have it is that you can leave the neckline simple and give sleeves an oversized flare look. This will make you present decently.

  • Slit design

This slit baju ke design is new in the market and you can easily try it with any outfit. Style these sleeves with Kurtis or with salwar kameez. Best thing to do is to go with the printed Kurtis that will work way better than the plain ones. This is the type of cut sleeves that has an oven slit oven and the ends are joined to give a unique and hot look.

  • Frill long tulip cut baju ke design

Tulip style sleeves have been conquering people’s hearts as they give a gorgeous look. This serves as the break from the regular sleeves. Try this type of tulip cut sleeves from elbow length to full length. You can add lace or border to give it a more stylish look.

  • Shoulder cut elbow baju ke design

This is one of the old designs and it is coming back in fashion. If anyone wants a bolder version of the sleeves, then cut it from the shoulders and add a border to the outline of the cut or lace. This is the Punjabi traditional baju ke design but no worries it is being trending everywhere. You can try this with flare anarkali suits or with churidaar suits also to give a stylish look.

  • Churidaar baju ke design

Churidar design never went out of trend. It was trending before as well and today as well. It is designed in full length sleeves. People go with normal full sleeves design and give it a churi look or they can go with extra full length sleeves and then make churi.

This gives a very elegant look and trendy vibe. This kind of sleeve looks very elegant in design when it is worn and these can be worn in part wear and in formal wear as well. The amazing part of these sleeves is that it keeps you warm in cold weather and you can do it is a comfortable fashion.

  • Umbrella style baju ke design

If you want people to look at you and your style by turning their head, then go for umbrella style baju ke design. These are the sleeves that are designed in an umbrella look but they are shorter in length. This is the short length design because umbrella cuts will not irritate and make you feel comfortable. But the thing to remember is that this sleeve design demands extra fabric, so make sure to buy extra fabric in advance and don’t compromise in it to maintain the charm of this design.

  • Cuffed baju ke design for office wear

It is better to have a cuffed baju ke design than to have rolled sleeves. This is best to wear with Kurtis and salwar and it gives a more formal look. Give this cuffed sleeve pattern a try and you will never regret it. This is best for office wear but this is not limited to it as you can try it with casual kameez and kurti with buttons on it.


Baju ke design has been the fashion these days and everyone wants something designed in their sleeves to show themselves unique in the market. sleeves design has become very versatile and diverse and has been offering many types of different designs to have on different places and on different occasions.

From bell sleeves to churidaar sleeves there are designs for every fashion. This article has put on the amazing and latest trending baju ke design that you have on your sleeves to show off yourself. 


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