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20 unique and eye-catching Mid Fade Hairstyle for men


“What is a mid fade? It’s a versatile and stylish haircut that falls between a low fade and a high fade. The mid fade is achieved by varying the hair length. 

It involves tapering or trimming the hair around the ears and on the head. as well as, gradually decreasing hair length from top to bottom. The mid fade can easily combined with any haircut, such as a pompadour, quiff, textured crop, or even a messy style.”

This topic explores the key features and ideas that make the mid fade a popular choice for men.

Mid fade hairstyles ideas:

Here are some unique and incredible ideas that can help improve your personality.   

Mid fade buzz cut:

Buzzcut was discovered in the 19th century by a Serbian barber “Nikola”. He used a manual hair clipper for cutting hair fast and closely. 

It is also known as a “military” haircut or wiffle cut. Mid fade buzz cut is given to recruits of the armed forces. It is also famous among women. It is seen as a symbol of protest against feminism

Buzzcut is based on simple cutting techniques. In this cut, the top hair left thick and the sides fade cleanly. It is suitable for your classic or decent personality. You can cut hair at home by yourself with simple techniques.

Mid fade buzz cut

Mid taper fade:

A mid taper fade haircut is a combination of different hair lengths. Long hair leave on the top while the sides and back trimmed shorter. creating a horizontal line between the longer and shorter sections.

This fade technique creates a blurred effect on the sides and back, resulting in a clean and smooth look. If you have thick hair and want to achieve a classic gentleman’s look. 

you should give the mid fade a try. You can also pair the taper fade with a pompadour hairstyle for an even more elegant look. There are different types of taper fades e.g 

  • Temple taper fade.
  • Burst taper fade.
  • Drop taper fade.
  • High taper fade.
  • Skin taper fade.
  • Low taper fade.
  • Mid taper fade.

Tip: If you want to maintain your mid taper fade, get 2-3 touch-ups per week from a professional barber.

Mid taper fade

Mid fade mullet:

The mullet hairstyle originated in the 1980s considered a symbol of courage. However, it is old-fashioned. Nevertheless, mullet haircuts have become trendy again. featuring shorter hair in the front and longer hair towards the back, with faded sides. 

This style is best suited for square or oval-shaped faces. with natural curly or straight hair. A blend of the mullet with a mid-fade can give a unique look.


Curly hair mid fade:

If you have curly hair, a mid fade haircut would be a great choice. Adding choppy cuts to your curls with a mid fade can give you an edgy look. To make your personality stand out from the crowd, leave your curls longer and opt for a high fade on the sides.

Curly hair mid fade

Mid drop fade haircut:

Both mid and low-skin fade are commonly referred to as mid drop fade, which is a popular term in the world of haircuts. It is a unique term that is suitable for all types hair. And can be combined with any haircut to create a stunning hairstyle. 

In this cut, the sides are closely shaved, and forming an arch, which gives a lighter feeling to the hairstyle. Barbers should be professional and skilled in combining a drop fade with other haircuts.

Low mid fade:

Corte mid fade:


Mid burst fade:

The mid-burst fade is a hairstyle that begins at the temples or above the ear. The hair form shape of a semi-circular or round pattern. The fade is apply to the sides and back of the head, creating a smooth look.

Comb over mid fade:

This particular hairstyle is quite famous and popular among men. And it is embrace by many Hollywood actors. The reason for its popularity is its simplicity. 

Originally, bald men use to hide their hair fall or baldness. However, nowadays it’s often combined with a mid-fade to create an eye-catching hairstyle.

Mid fade en v:

The Mid Fade in “V” is a trendy haircut that combines a mid fade with a “V” shaped pattern towards the back of the head. 

The “V” shaped neckline is a key feature of this hairstyle. And you can choose between a wide or narrow neckline based on your preferences. 

To get this amazing hairstyle, it’s best to visit a professional barber. Don’t waste any time.

Mid taper fade mullet:

This hairstyle is a blend of mullet and mid-taper. The hair on the upper portion of the head is short from the front. That gradually gets longer towards the back, forming a mullet shape. 

The sides is taper or trimmed, and the fade starts from the middle of the head. This hairstyle gives a sensational feeling to the hairstyle.

Long hair mid fade:

This mid fade haircut is suitable for all hair lengths. You can request your preferred hair length from your barber to achieve a classic look.

Textured mid fade:

A textured fade is a hairstyle that gives a messy look. In this style, clippers and blades used to trim the sides hair short while leaving the top hair textured. 

It’s a combination of a textured top and mid fade. This style is versatile and works with any hairstyle.

Mid fade undercut:

In this haircut hair on the sides and back is zero size. while the hair on top left long to create a bold contrast. 

The fade occurs around the temple area and the middle of the head. If you want to transform your look, you should definitely try the mid fade undercut haircut.

Mid fade black:

Styling your hair can be a bit tricky, particularly when it comes to the mid fade hairstyle. This style features hair that is taper from the top to the bottom. creating a balanced and impactful look. 

To maintain this style, it’s important to schedule regular touch-ups with your stylist. With a little bit of effort, your mid fade black hairstyle will always look fresh and stylish.

Slicked back mid fade:

In this hairstyle, the hair is longer on the top and combed over to create a slick back look. while the sides are faded. Keeping around 2 to 4 inches of hair length on the top is enough to achieve the slick back style. 

The fade should be shorter from the middle and gradually shorten the hair downwards towards the neckline and ears. A slicked-back mid fade hairstyle gives you a decent appearance and adds to your personality.

Straight hair mid taper fade:

A mid fade haircut is characterized by long straight hair on the top and shorter hair on the sides. That gradually tapers or is trimm from top to bottom. 

The fade begins in the middle of the sides and the back of the head. This type of fade is quite distinct. with a noticeable contrast between the longer hair on top and the shorter hair on the sides and back.

Bald mid fade:

The backside and area around the ears cut zero size. while the hair on top is longer. The main feature of a bald mid fade haircut is the bottom area of the head being completely bald. which gives a stunning look and enhances your personality. 

You can decide how much hair you want to leave on the sides and around the neckline. as the bald fade is flexible and can be pair with numerous hairstyles. such as longer hair, crew cut, crop cut, and textured hair.

Last words:  

A stylish haircut is a great way to embrace modern trends and revamp your personality. Hair length variations can amplify the overall look of the haircut. The mid fade haircut is quite popular due to its unique style and its compatibility with any hairstyle. 

It can be easily adapted with basic techniques. For a fresh and sharp look, get regular touch-ups from a professional barber.

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