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Latest burst fade designs 2024 for men


What is a burst fade? It is a specific type of haircut usually for mens. Its is a mixture of skin fade and tricky detailing. In this haircut, hair is longer at the top and shorter towards the neckline and around the ear. 

professional barber manages burst fade according to hair texture and  As a result, a clear and well-blended haircut comes into existence. barber use hair guards and clippers for this purpose.

You can make your haircut by changing hair lengths and styles. due to, its clear and unique presence.  Burst fade is now trendy these days. 


Burst fade designs:

Burst fade mullet

This hairstyle is a combination of burst fade and mullet. In this hairstyle hair on the top and sides are shorter. While backside hair is left longer towards the shoulder to make mullet. 

Mullet was a popular hairstyle in the 80s and 90s, often seen as a symbol of courage. However, the burst fade mullet style has made a comeback in the fashion world and has become widely popular once again.

This hairstyle choose by Americans and African people. Who belongs to urban or hip-hop culture

Many actress players, musicians, and teenagers choose the burst fade mullet due to its stunning shape. I have brought some Unique burst fade mullet ideas for you. Which makes your personality eye-catching.


  • Quiff mullet.

  • Burst fade mullet “V” cut.

  • Layered mullet.

  • Takuache mullet.

  • Slick back burst fade mullet.

  • Curly faux hawk mullet.

  • Funky burst fade mullet. 

  • Mullet with a beard.

  • Mullet with wavy hair.

  • Textured mullet.


Burst fade curly hair

Burst fade hair is the choice for those who want to experiment with their curls. If you have curly hair. And you are fade up due to old fashion. The burst fades curly hair style is the best choice for you. 

Burst fade mohawk

The popular “Mohican hairstyle” is also known as the Mohawk burst fade. This haircut involves shaving or trimming the hair on both sides around the neck or ears, while leaving enough length on top to create a mohawk. Some unique ideas for mohawk hairstyle.

  • mohawk high fade.

  • Curly hair mohawk.

  • Thick mohawk with skin fade.

  • Feathered faded mohawk.

  • Flat top mohawk.

  • Burst fade mohawk.


High burst fade

If you’re looking for a stylish haircut, the high burst fade is a great option. This haircut features shorter hair on the sides and back, with longer hair left on top. When done by a professional, this hairstyle can really transform your appearance and give your face a new and unique look.


Mid burst fade

In this haircut, the sides are gradually tapered and the neckline is “V” shaped instead of round or curved, which adds a unique essence to haircut. which makes it perfect for ceremonies or parties.


Low burst fade

A low burst fade is a trendy haircut that involves tapering the hair near the ear and transitioning into thicker hair above. I have selected some best low-burst fade hairstyles for you. 

Straight hair burst fade

If you have naturally straight hair then this is the haircut that suits your personality. you can ask for lengthy or short hair on top and also ask for side or backside fade with some touches like, temple fade or hairline.


Taper burst fade

This is a special type of haircut for men. It is the combination of taper and burst fade. Hair gradually shortens down from the top to the bottom. Likewise, burst fade begins from the central point.

Tapering and burst fade combine to make a circular or semi-circular shape. This shape makes your personality outstanding in the crowd.


The burst fade hairstyle is presently in trend due to its edgy appearance. This style is achieved by blending short and longer hair, creating a burst- suchlike effect around the observance and backside.  

It offers a dynamic and fresh look that’s suitable for a wide range of individualities and works well in both formal and casual settings. One of the stylish effects of this hairstyle is its versatility.  


Anyhow whether you have straight, crimpy, or curled hair, the burst fade is a seductive option for those looking for an eye-catching and trendy haircut.

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