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Everything you should know about Qureka banner

What is the Qureka banner?

Qureka banner is a very engaging and interacting digital advertising type that helps in drawing inspiration from mobile games. It helps in blending the games, quizzes and puzzles together with the traditional banners that helps in providing the best user experience. Qureka banner’s main aim is to give the users enjoyable and good feelings and a good engagement rate. This platform also helps business in achieving better goals and way better interaction with users

The working process of Qureka banner

It is one of the digital market platforms which includes products and brands owner advertisements in the most interesting way. When creating a banner, every business platform provides a quiz. For example, if the business is about makeup, then the quiz will be according to makeup only.

If someone wants to post a vehicle banner then they should prepare a quiz that is according to their format. This platform also helps customers in winning rewards and discounts. This is the reason many of the users are attracted to this platform.

The uniqueness of Qureka banner

Qureka banner is very unique and many of the users are attracting it day by day because of the following reasons:

1. Gamification

It is one of the successful and best methods that helps in attracting users a lot. Qureka banner steps into the emotional gaming rewards that helps users engage in this platform more and more.

2. Collection of information

Qureka banner helps in providing information and better insights to the users. It can also track the users’ responses to the games and quizzes. This also allows users to refine tehri targeting strategies and messages.

3. Helps in increasing engagement

Static banners advertisement is not very useful as Qureka banner is the best way to engage users. It helps users to get engagement actively with the advertisements. This engagement system helps in building a good connection between the item and the user.

4. User centric advertisement

In today’s era where ads are being blocked, Qureka banner is offering users with the user centric feature. The users can themselves decide to get interacted with the ads that are beneficial for them.

5. Memorability

Customers can easily remember the brand and featured item because of the Qureka banner.

Qureka banner benefits

Below are the benefits of using Qureka banner platform:

  1.       Qureka banners have improved the click through rate strategy very importantly when we compare them with the static banners. This engaging nature of this platform is increasing the user’s interest and also encouraging users to get engaged in the actions.
  2.       Its helps in enhancing the brand awareness and it is a very positive experience for the customers. It helps in providing the unique opportunity to impress the users
  3.       Qureka banner helps in providing valuable insights on the preference of the users. Advertisers gather data about the users that includes their reactions, their participation, their incentives and which type of people are more suitable to this. This all data will help in processing the future strategies of the market and also helps in adjusting the targeting strategies.
  4.       This platform helps in engaging customers actively and helps in providing the incentives to increase the conversion rates. The people who have successfully completed the challenges by Qureka banner are very much interested in the services.
  5.       Qureka banner helps the customers to meet the needs of the market. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a new business, as this platform will help you in increasing your business more and more.

Future of Qureka banner

The future of this platform is looking great as they have decided to adopt the following future trends:

1. Augmented reality

AR will help Qureka banner a lot as it is affordable as well. It could allow 3D element and people in the ad as well and hence will give an amazing experience.

2. Social media integration

Qureka banner will integrate with social media in future as this will allow users to challenge with their friends to reach the expected goal of their ads campaign.

3. Conversational and voice ads

The voice usage and good speaking skills are nowadays being very popular. Qureka banner will follow this trend in future as it will add responses and questions in the form of voices to help users participate more.


Qureka banner is one of the best platforms and apps where the users can play games easily and answer the quizzes. You can also say that it is the best digital marketing method. This platform helps in engaging customers actively and helps in providing the incentives to increase the conversion rates. Qureka banner helps in providing information and better insights to the users.

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